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Soul Energy

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Working with your
subconscious energy to remove blocks.

Our subconscious is a record of everything.
And everything is ENERGY. 
It's like a giant memory bank with an unlimited storage capacity, housing information 
and beliefs and memories about everything we have ever experienced.
This includes emotional association to trauma, hurts, fears, anxiety, insecurities, mistakes, wrongs, regrets.

Emotional programming starts as soon as we are able to discern facial, verbal
and physical expressions. No conscious recollection of an actual event need be, for an energetic resonance to remain 
present within your energy field or energetic body.
Emotional programming is one of the foundations for our belief systems,
providing patterns of behaviour and habitual emotional responses.
Repressing emotions can lead to feelings such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, sadness, unhappiness, searching, headaches, body pains and aliments.

By bringing awareness to your feelings, emotions, and energetic blocks, by tapping into your
subconscious and energetic body, you are able to expand to m
ore awareness, consciousness, joy,
happiness an
d over all well-being. 

 Soul Energy 

Harmonizing your energy field, in and around the body, to promote health and well-being,
reducing pain, stress, anxiety, fears, tensio
n, and everything else possible. 




Activating the body's subtle energy system to release energy blocks that could be causing misalignment, pain, stress, anxiety, or keeping you stuck in old patterns and beliefs.  

By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

This hands-on session invites you to simply relax and receive healing energies. Within this session, I will tune into your unique energies and my intuitive gifts, to provide energetic support and release any stuck, trapped energies and emotions that have come to the surface. 

Every session provides relaxation and a release of energy that no longer serves you. How it shows up for everyone, is individual. 

Each session provides more benefits, release, and expansion to joy, happiness, and peace. 


By lightly touching 32 points on the head, that correspond to different energies of life, (money, beliefs, creativity, joy, sadness) we are able to release old energies stuck and stored in the body and mind, providing shifts and changes in these areas of your consciousness. Taking in all considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgements and beliefs that are stored, like a computer stores information, and releasing them. 

This hands on healing can help change phobias, depression, body pain, dissipate stress, unlock creativity, give you more energy, more clarity and calmness, improve money flow, deeper sleep, emotional overwhelm and so many more possibilities. 


Let's talk !!

Emotions and feelings are communication from the Soul and hold some deep insight into what is being held at a deeper level.

Talking things through while working with your energy body and your subconscious, an energetic-holistic approach to counselling, we can bring to awareness what the mind alone might not be able to. 

∞ Blending Energy Work and Counselling

∞ Talking and Supportive Listening

∞ Energy Scanning and Energy Block                 Identification

∞ Reflection and Perspective

Everyone needs a safe space to talk, express how they are feeling, and feel heard and supported.

Emotions and feelings are heavy.

They need space to be released.



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Like most people, I have had my challenges, frustrations, insecurities, pains and confusions. I never knew it could be energy that was affecting my health, happiness and well-being. I never knew there was such a thing as being sensitive to energy. I knew there was being too sensitive, which was not a “good thing,” according to society's standards.


I struggled at a young age to make sense of my world and being told things “just were.” When my grandpa died when I was 8, feeling so much emotional stimulation and deep thoughts on a hamster wheel in my head, it planted some anger and energy in my body that would shape much of my life moving forward. That experience was the start of more questioning, and knowing I was going to trek the path of questioning everything.

As a teenager I struggled a lot with stomach issues, in and out of doctor appointments, emergency rooms, exam rooms, and eventually on an operation table, finally being diagnosed with IBS with some hopes of the advice, “you might be one of the lucky ones and grow out of it.”

With no reprieve from the discomfort that constantly gripped my stomach, I developed an eating disorder, as it was the only way I felt I could release some of the pressure I felt.

As life goes and our paths unfold, I ended up meeting one of my dear friends and mentors to this day, who introduced me to energy work, a safe space and healing on a level you can only experience.

I had found my root, my release, my well-being, my true happiness and now my passion. I dove deeper into a spiritual, energy understanding of our being, awakening to how that ties into our possible challenges in this human body and how we are energy, everything is, and I believe it is one of our medicines to live our authentic soul self.

My name is Karen MacLean, supporting you with Energetic Counselling and Healing, working with your subconscious energy to remove blocks. I work from a place of inner knowing, visions, sights and sounds, by tuning into your energy body, which guides me to provide support, clearing, releasing and feedback of information regarding trapped and suppressed energy and emotions, which are typically rooted in your subconscious mind, triggering habits, patterns, dis-ease(s) and unease in our body and life.  


I am passionate about the energy body, and how healing this part of our being, affects our lives in so many aspects. Supporting your consciousness to a deeper sense of self, your soul self, as I like to call it, by holding a safe space to allow healing to come to light.



Dawson Creek, BC

for hands-on and in-person services

online for distant services 

Cell: 250 719 1778


My energy work and healing are not substitutes for conventional medicine or treatment.

I do not work in the medical field, practice medicine, or claim to cure, heal, treat disease, or prescribe medicine.

I assist on an energetic base, focusing on energy imbalances to assist the body to release its innate healing ability.

When the body's energy is balanced and in flow, its innate natural energy heals itself.

All healing is self-healing.

White Sand and Stone


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