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An energetic approach to health and wellness





to deciding it’s time to unlock and explore more of who you truly are.

To uncover and discover your own light, by looking within.

Deciding it’s time to bring awareness to the stories, thoughts and beliefs that are currently shaping your life.

Welcome to wanting to step more into your own unique

Souls Energy.


Energy Healing, to me, helps bring light to the subconscious blocks we hold on to and are unaware of.

The veils we have covering over us, blocking our true selves and potential.

This form of guidance can assist in releasing emotions, beliefs, habits and thought patterns we have trapped within,

causing misalignments and feelings of "stuck."

With awareness brought to these stored energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated,

releasing this hold on subconscious patterns and stories that are seemingly keeping us trapped, stuck, heavy, on repeat,

and hiding. In turn creating more peace, joy, lightness, happiness and everything else possible.


Guiding you to bringing your best self forward, by taking the formless I sense (energy) and putting it into language, you may gain clarity, understanding, insight, and expanded awareness to create a more Soul-filled life.


It’s time we step into our hearts and our own unique being, letting go of all that no longer serves us, and our highest potential.

The time to shine your Soul Energy, is now.

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My Story

Like most people, I have had my challenges, frustrations, insecurities, pains and confusions. I never knew it could be energy that was affecting my health, happiness and well-being. I never knew there was such a thing as being sensitive to energy. I knew there was being too sensitive, which was not a “good thing,” according to society's standards.


I struggled at a young age to make sense of my world and being told things “just were.” When my grandpa died when I was 8, feeling so much emotional stimulation and deep thoughts on a hamster wheel in my head, it planted some anger and energy in my body that would shape much of my life moving forward. That experience was the start of more questioning, and knowing I was going to trek the path of questioning everything.

As a teenager I struggled a lot with stomach issues, in and out of doctor appointments, emergency rooms, exam rooms, and eventually on an operation table, finally being diagnosed with IBS with some hopes of the advice, “you might be one of the lucky ones and grow out of it.”

With no reprieve from the discomfort that constantly gripped my stomach, I developed an eating disorder, as it was the only way I felt I could release some of the pressure I felt.

As life goes and our paths unfold, I ended up meeting someone who introduced me to energy work, a safe space and healing on a level you can only experience.

I had found my root, my release, my well-being, my true happiness and now my passion. I dove deeper into a spiritual, energy understanding of our being, awakening to how that ties into our possible challenges in this human body and how we are energy, everything is, and I believe it is one of our medicines to live our 

most joyful life.

My name is Karen MacLean, passionate about people living who they innately are, and supporting you to reach that with Energy Healing.  My awareness of energy provides visions, symbols and guidance, therefore by tuning into your energy body, I can provide support, clearing, releasing and feedback of information regarding trapped and suppressed energy and emotions, which are typically rooted in your subconscious mind, that can be triggering habits, patterns,  and unease in your body and life.  


The energy of who we are, affects our lives in so many aspects. By releasing energy blocks and awakening your consciousness to a deeper sense of self, your SOUL SELF, as I like to call it, allows a deeper understanding, and more lightness and ease come to light. 


Energy Healing

This hands-on energy based session invites you to simply relax and receive healing energies, releasing any stuck, trapped energy blocks and emotions that come to the surface.
The results reflect what you were ready to see, release, let go of, and get clarity on, to be a more relaxed, lighter, version of you. 

Access Bars

By lightly touching 32 points on the head that correspond to different energies of life (money, beliefs, creativity, joy, etc.) we are able to release old energies stuck and stored in the mind and body, creating shifts and changes in these areas of your current consciousness.

This hands on healing can help shift all aspects of your life, creating more possibilities than your mind alone can imagine possible.

Online Session

Energy has no boundaries, therefore I can be your support on your self-discovery journey in the comfort of wherever you may be. Using an energetic approach and the connection of communication, together we dive into what may be holding you back, what patterns and energy blocks you are subconsciously holding on to, while creating more space and lightness for you to move forward in. 


Karen was absolutely amazing! She helped me release negative energies that I've been holding on to for years. I've tried so many things to help me heal-therapy, acupuncture, massage, yoga. I'm sure everything help me some. But nothing compares to Karen. She helped me understand myself. She's such a calming and soothing person, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend giving her a try.


I wasn't aware my job loss from years back was still affecting me and preventing me from moving forward. I felt I had dealt with it. I mean I never thought about it anymore, but after clearing the energy of hurt, anger and bitterness trapped around my heart space, I can say I now FEEL that it is gone.


To be made aware of energy trapped from different ages in my life, and how those have shaped my choices to this day, was mind blowing. The clarity and just knowing the impact of things as an energy, and then them being released. Mind blowing! I feel so free!





Dawson Creek, BC

Insta: soul_energy_11

in person and via phone

by appt only


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My energy work and healing are not substitutes for conventional medicine or treatment. I do not work in the medical field, practice medicine, or claim to cure, heal, treat disease, or prescribe medicine.

I assist on an energetic base, focusing on energy imbalances to assist the body to release its innate healing ability. When the body's energy is balanced and in flow, its innate natural energy heals itself. All healing is self-healing.

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